Who am I?

My name is Vladka, but everyone calls me Mooris. I grew up here, in the most pristine, magical and yet unknown part of the Czech Republic, the Bohemian Switzerland National park. That was enough to set me for a life of adventure. Because of my origin, I´m passionate about outdoor sports and activities, traveling, discovering new places and meeting new people – anything that involves the freedom and exhilaration of the great outdoors.

What do I know about traveling?

I have left my career in corporate marketing to become a world traveller 10 years ago. Since then, I’ve traveled to over 50 countries and have knocked some big adventures off my bucketlist:

  • One year of volunteering, surfing and learning Spanish in Costa Rica,
  • Solo backpacking around the South America for 2 months – I became much more self-confident and self-reliant especially after realising that I don’t get bored with myself haha
  • One of my most beautiful moments in my life was a year in Whistler, Canada, where I fell in love with freeriding in winter and MTB riding in the summer season
  • My biggest adventures to-date were Heliskiing trip around Wanaka in New Zealand, 5-day SALKANTAY TREK up to Machu Picchu in Peru, climbing up to 6,000 m in Indian Himalayas and learning mediation and Buddhism from monks in a monastery in Sri Lanka.

What is my professional background?

I´ve been working in tourism for more than 10 years. After finishing my MBA degree in Project Management & Marketing, I worked as a hotel event manager in the world’s major tourist destinations, snowboarding instructor in Austria, a tour guide in Sydney or an adventure travel specialist and trekking/biking tour guide in Bohemian Switzerland National Park in Czech Republic.


In my eyes, there is no place like home and there is no better feeling than sharing one’s passion with others. I am starting a new phase of my life and fulfilling the big dream – having my own adventure agency – where I can turn my experience and knowledge into a product tailored just for you – a lifetime experience, a beautiful memory of visiting this beautiful country. BOHEMIA ADVENTURES agency was born to express my mission to give you all you deserve from your holiday.

“I wish that your visit will be another experience enabling you to learn more about yourself, thus making your life a little bit better, as traveling always does for me. Sharing this sense of transformation with each BOHEMIA ADVENTURE guest is my greatest reward.”

Mooris, The owner and operator of Bohemia Adventures