Our history

Chief of Bohemia Adventures company is Mooris, Czech adventurous young lady, who started this fresh project in 2018. Vladka has spent over 10 years on her travels around the whole world. Inspired by her passion for never-ending traveling, thrilling adventures and love for everything connected with our small Czech country, she put everything on one card. When she first started, it was only her running everything around the business, administration, tours booking and leading the tour.

As the guided tours and activities became really popular in a short time and it became unreal to run the business as a one-woman show, Vladka and her Bohemia Adventures project expanded to the team fulfilled with other like-minded souls, involving close friends and family members with the same passions and similar lifestyles.

Now, we are one team, a team of enthusiastic guides and friends, ready to fulfill your adventure wishes. We are all locals here, we love our country and we love what we do every day.