We support responsible tourism

We are proud ambassadors of responsible tourism. On our tours, we are constantly making sure that we respect nature, the locals and neighborhoods. We listen to them, to their stories and personal recommendations.

We try the most to collaborate only with small local businesses and recommend and support their local products, which obviously can help to support small and fragile local economy on the North. Most of those providers are also our friends so you can’t go wrong here with us.

We also started to grow our new baby as our next mission and raised a foundation to help meet our visions and be a good example how to practice responsible and sustainable tourism in the National Park Bohemian Switzerland.

Our foundation acts as a clearinghouse that operates daily with responsible tourism, collects, shares and raises funds for all sustainable tourism matters in the national park. Bohemia Adventures action plan is mainly focused on supporting a number of environmental, ecological and social tourism projects in Bohemian Switzerland NP. Our aim is to implement actions that will minimize the impacts of the increasing travel industry on the natural, human and built environment.

It´s our pleasure to have you on board today. We appreciate from the heart that you chose our travel agency for your special moments, that you were brave enough end left your comfortable hotel sofa to go explore more what our beautiful small country can offer. Remember, that our team is here for you and we promise we will do our best to make your day unforgettable.

Talk to us. We are a friendly bunch, we are honest and straight forward, and we really know our stuff  – we are locals. And more than that, we truly value you coming to us and genuinely want to give you the very best trip possible. We look forward to hearing from you!