A journey by bike provides the ultimate immersion into the landscapes, a culture of a country and the simple pace of cycling lends itself to meeting the locals.

Our easy-to-challenging grading system helps you choose a cycling tour that is perfect for your fitness level. Mountain bike, guided road or electric bike tour, self-guided, or mix it up with walking and/or a water-based activity on a multi-activity adventure. Our high-quality accommodation tips will ensure you get enough rest to recuperate and get back on your bike day after day.


Bike tours in Prague, Mountain bike tours or Multi-days tours

Welcome to the Czech Republic – an ideal cycle tourist destination with more than 10 000 cycling routes and varied landscapes: flatlands along the Elbe trail in a beautiful national park, Bohemian Switzerland to rolling hills and mountainous regions along most of its borders. Thanks to the combination of cycling adventures, excellent food, world famous beers (but also excellent wines), good transportation connections as well as reasonable prices, the Czech Republic still represents a hidden gem for cycle tourists.

You can take a pack and head off with us on an ONE DAY E-BIKE TRIP FROM PRAGUE or let us create for you a multi-day biking adventure – with epic scenery around the Bohemian Switzerland National Park.



One day or multi-day adventure rides, famous MTB single and downhill tracks with numerous cross-country tracks.

Don’t be constrained by random peoples’ abilities and fitness. No hanging around for group members that aren’t your mates. You choose what you want to ride.

With famous mountain biking single and downhill tracks, numerous cross-country tracks and quiet gravel roads, there’s always a new place to explore in the Czech Republic. You can take a pack and head off with us on an ONE DAY MTB TRIP FROM PRAGUE or let us create for you a multi-day biking adventure – with epic scenery and challenging terrain.


At BOHEMIA ADVENTURES we take care of everything so you get to enjoy the scenery (and the sore legs) without worrying about transport, accommodation or gear. We can plan a completely customised holiday itinerary just for you, based on what you want and your budget requirements. We talk to you about your skill level and fitness and together we can create the ideal itinerary for you.

BIKING – Here’s what BOHEMIA ADVENTURES can do for you:

  • Create a One-day & Multi-day bespoke itinerary to suit any taste
  • Plan biking trips to suit your time constraints, skill level, and trail preferences
  • Arrange bikes based on your preferences
  • Help you to choose the most suitable accommodation & transport
  • Supply essentials: Maps, track info, packing lists, and meal ideas
  • Arrange highly experienced guides
  • Transparent price calculation.

Everyone needs at least one adventure in their life, so we do our best to make our services as accessible as we can. When your holiday is custom-designed to your needs, you get the trip you really want. You can be as spontaneous and adventurous – or relaxed and idle – as you please. 

You’ll get an itinerary to suit your budget, your time limits, and your passions. This means every itinerary – and the costs associated – is unique.

We use the local insider knowledge of our expert travel specialists; giving you a flexible itinerary for your personalised bespoke journey and an experience like no other.

Prices quoted are not fixed until booking is confirmed and first deposit is paid. You can find our Terms and Conditions of payment here BOHEMIA ADVENTURES TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF BOOKING. 


Exhilarating outdoor sports come with risks – they wouldn’t be so thrilling if they didn’t.

As adventure sport and activity experts, BOHEMIA ADVENTURES works hard with providers to keep you safe throughout your Czech Republic journey, no matter what you’re doing.

This is how BOHEMIA ADVENTURES  works:

  • Rental companies are chosen based on their safety standards and the level of safety training they go through.
  • All the guides and instructors we use are appropriately qualified and experienced.
  • We communicate clearly with our clients about safety responsibility during different sections of itineraries, we ask our customers to read and sign waivers to ensure they understand the responsibilities.
  • We highly recommend appropriate travel insurance for your trip – check that your provider covers adventure sports such as mountain biking, climbing, and races.

You must be honest with the BOHEMIA ADVENTURES and any providers about your skill level for your chosen sport, so appropriate activities can be selected. Failure to do so may incur further costs and require changes to the itinerary.

Czech Republic’s changeable weather can have a major impact on activities. BOHEMIA ADVENTURES and its providers reserve the right to cancel activities if necessary due to weather conditions. For example, choices of river or trail may have to be changed.

It is important to note that you are responsible for your own safety during independent sections of the itinerary. BOHEMIA ADVENTURES will provide a level of information as part of our service to you, however, it is vital that this is reviewed alongside other information sources, your own knowledge and experience to make your own safety decisions about an activity based on the risks and dynamic risks perceived by you at the time.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about our safety standards