Founding of Bohemia Adventures – Wondering what’s our story?

Who are we? And how has it all started? Find more and read a catchy story about founding Bohemia Adventures and its owner.

Bohemia Adventures, a family and friends based company, was officially founded in the beginning of 2018. But the whole background story began much earlier, inside one curly, restive head of one young lady, her name is Vladka. Vladka is the owner and operator of Bohemia Adventures and most often, everyone calls her simply Mooris. Now, she has been working in tourism for more than 10 years.

About 10 years ago, Mooris left her prosperous marketing career in a successful corporate company to step into the unknown and to become an independent world traveler. Since that moment, she has traveled over 50 countries through Europe, both North and South America, Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zeeland. It was the adventure of a lifetime. On her travels, she has knocked some big adventures off her bucket list as volunteering, surfing, snowboard freeriding, heliskiing, learning languages or learning meditation and yoga.

It was Australia, where the final idea appeared in her mind. The plan! The plan, how to be able to be with bellowed family, to be still connected with the world, to have own business and love the job her does. So she decided. It’s time to go home! It was 2017.

Currently, she is settled again in the Czech Republic, where she was born and raised. However, just because she is “home”, it doesn’t mean that the adventures have to end! She wanted to show people, that the Czech Republic has other side that not everyone gets to see, that this small country is not just about seeing Prague or Cesky Krumluv. And why not to start with founding of her own company, to show people where she grew up, the most pristine, magical part of the Czech Republic, the Bohemian Switzerland National park. She had a strong feeling, that there was a space to create, collect and share travel adventures and sport activities that others would have probably never experienced on their own. All that with a personal, human touch for others.

Instead of spending her free time by doing nothing, relaxing or meeting friends after the long stay abroad, she got to devote all of her time to start with running the Bohemia Adventures website. That job took almost half a year, followed by connecting to the people who could help anyhow – best friends, friends of friends or family.

Then, in May 2018, the hard job seemed to be finished. The baby was born. Consequently, the things picked up rapidly. The first reservation came in June and first trip was sold. That summer, it was just one woman show with lots of help from her family and close friends, one rented car. All her spared money was gone, the only one transit car was borrowed from a friend. Hard job, hard times with no ends, no rest, uncertain future.

After the summer, she started to hire more people and forming a team. Bohemia Adventures then connected together friends and friends of friends, who share the same company culture, passion for adventure, nature, travelling and living their lives to the fullest.

The Bohemia Adventures then quickly grew up into a family and friends based travel agency, selling trips and adventures mostly in the Bohemian Switzerland National park. Currently, according the TripAdvisor selection and rating, the Bohemia Adventures is the 6th best outdoor company organizing one day trips from Prague. This quick success is amazing!

But there is no doubt about one fact: the backbone of the Bohemia Adventures are the guides, they give all their hearth and attention to what they do! And there is no way around it: if you are not passionate about what you do as your job, you will never do it right. All the guides follow this motto every day.

Central to everything that Bohemia Adventures does, the company still desires to effect positive changes and enrich the lives of those that the company encounters along the way. The company committed to responsible and sustainable travel, because the team feels and knows that it’s the right thing to do and because travel must be a far more enjoyable when you know your trip is directly benefiting others. Some of the proceeds from all trips taken with Bohemia Adventures go towards supporting regional community, regional products and conservation-focused charities. The company also has its own foundation. And newly, as of March 2019, the company started with Merch section to support and sell regional products and custom made clothing with the Bohemia Adventures logos.

These are some of the ways that Bohemia Adventures is committed to making the world a better place through travel as well as upholding the commitment to follow a low-impact tourism model.

Bohemia Adventures is a very small company, with a small team and fleet. We maintain always sustainable activities, working with small groups. We never cancel the trip because we didn’t reach a number! We believe, that this is the right way. Comparing to many other big companies existing, our tours are not led with boring monologue style. It’s more like a family trip, flexible for all, we have been making new friends every day. Our guests spend their personal time with us, writing back, leaving feedbacks. That way is keeping us on business, doing what we love the most! And we thank you all so much for this!

Check out more on our blog for more info and stories about us, about Bohemian Switzerland National park and activities we offer.


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