Bohemian Switzerland (Czech: České Švýcarsko; German: Böhmische Schweiz), also known as Czech Switzerland, is a picturesque region in the north-western Czech Republic. It lies on the Czech side of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains north of Děčín on both sides of the Elbe River
Saxon Switzerland (German: Sächsische Schweiz) is a hilly climbing area and national park around the Elbe valley south-east of Dresden in Saxony, Germany. Together with the Bohemian Switzerland in the Czech Republic it forms the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.
Getting to Bohemian Switzerland from Prague using public transit isn't the most simple thing to do but it is possible. The best way to get there is to take a train to Decin which takes about 90 minutes. You can then transfer to a bus heading to Hrensko and begin your hike from there. To make your day trip a amazing experience we will pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation or any address in Prague.
At this moment we do not provide overnight stay with our day tours but this is something we are looking forward to provide in near future and preparing a living space that you would remember for long long time.
It would be difficult to say what is the best season to visit Bohemian Switzerland. Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Park offers you colorful autumns and stunningly white winters to bright springs and lively summers. We have tours for this beautiful national park throughout the year. We personally love this National Park during the Month of October for all the colours of the nature are absolutely live and beautiful and the hiking there becomes extra special and magical.
If you are driving then it can take about 1 hour and 34 min (126.5 km) via E55 and Route 62. Our Day Trips from Prague to Bohemian Switzerland National Park offers you free pick up and drop from Prague as part of our package so you don't have to worry about transportation.
Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland National Park has some of the best hiking trails in the Czech Republic. Stunning landscapes with breathtaking views are just an hour and a half drive north of Prague. Some of the attractions you will visit includes Pravcicka gate, Bastei rock formation, old castle ruins and sandstone bridge with Elbe canyon views, The largest sandstone arch in Europe, used for the Narnia movie, First zone of the National Park and a river cruise in the gorges of Kamenice river.
Talk to us about what activities and sports you love, what preferences you have for your holiday, your budget and we will build a personalised itinerary Just For You. Some of the activities you can do with us include Hiking in Stunning scenery, diverse landscapes with nearly 24,000 miles of color-coded hiking trails. Other activities include Mountain Biking, Horse riding, Climbing & Via ferrata, photography tour or journey to some of the most inspiring landscapes and scenery with expert artists to sketch, paint or craft on an art holiday.
Some of the activities you can do with us include Hiking in Stunning scenery, diverse landscapes with nearly 24,000 miles of color-coded hiking trails. Other activities include Mountain Biking, Horse riding, Climbing & Via ferrata, photography tour or journey to some of the most inspiring landscapes and scenery with expert artists to sketch, paint or craft on an art holiday. We provide custom made day tours for you so best would be to speak to us about your interests and we'll design you a perfect tour.
Czech Republic boasts beautiful, scenic one-day hiking trips or multi-day hikes on well-maintained tracks complete with of the best beer in the world, great local food, and friendly homestays. Or if you want your hiking to get you away from busy Prague or other tourists and experience your own piece of Czech beauty, there are hundreds of lesser known backcountry but equally beautiful trails all over the country. Depending on your skill level, you can choose between challenging multi-day hikes and little gems that are done in a couple of hours. It all depends on what you’re looking for. Consulting with you for your wants and needs, BOHEMIA ADVENTURES can put together a bespoke hiking itinerary to suit you and your budget
Explore the beautiful Bohemian Switzerland and Saxon National Park on our One day or multi day trips from Prague. This beautiful National park got stunning views to surprise you throughout the tour and our guides just make it more interesting and entertaining. You will see top attractions such as Bastei Bridge and Pravčická Gate — Europe's largest natural sandstone gate, thermal baths switzerland and many more.
Visit The Most Beautiful And Breathtaking Views Of Bohemian Switzerland. We offer you different pre made plans or your tailored plan for a day trip to bohemian Switzerland national park. We pick you up from your location in Prague and take you for our day trip full of fun and surprises. We´ll take you in a small group of people to the place that has been certified as a ‘European Destination of Excellence’ by the European Commission because of its exceptional beauty. You will be guided to the very best spots, experience the local cuisine, enjoy walks and moderate hikes in the most preserved part of the National park and take dozens of pictures while exploring our natural heritage. We will take a walk to the most popular natural attraction in Bohemian Switzerland National Park – Pravcicka Gate, Europe’s largest sandstone arch. Filmmakers used it to create the magical world of Narnia in their movie. Mysterious, hidden deep in the woods, the impressive symbol of the National park stands 21 meters tall, leaving all the spectators in admiration. The most romantic part of our trip will take place in the gorges of the Kamenice river. You will hike beneath rock ledges, through several tunnels, and across narrow bridges. So deep in the heart of Bohemian Switzerland, that some parts are only accessible on a small river boat. The cruise between the narrow sandstone walls is one of the most serene experiences and our favorite spot in the National park. The last point of interest is Bastei in the Saxon part of the National Park (Germany). The Bastei rock formation has plenty of viewpoints over the Elbe canyon on the right bank of the river Elbe. You can walk across the famous sandstone bridge that connects Bastei and explore ruins of old Neurathen rock castle.
Admire the most spectacular wonders that mother nature created all in one place. You are about to experience full day trip, that should be on a bucket list of every nature lover. Please check our Tour page to find out more about your day trips and what you can expect from your day trip.
One of the best things to do in Czech Republic is to go hiking in Bohemian Switzerland National Park, in the far north of the country. We have designed our One day hiking trips in a way that you can see as many attractions as possible without feeling rushed or tired.
When it comes to adventure, it’s never too young to start. With that in mind, BOHEMIA ADVENTURES have taken some of our favorite experiences and given them a unique family twist. So, whether you are setting out on your first adventure together as a family, or revisiting old haunts with older children, we will have something to appeal to new and seasoned travelers alike. Pick your accommodation and transport requirements, tailor the activities we offer to suit your family, then sit back and we´ll create a family holiday itinerary of a lifetime
Winter is an awe-inspiring time to visit Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland. Fresh snow and warmth of the sun in winter provides an incredible look to the landscape like a blissful winter wonderland. If you ever got stunned by Narnia movie than come to Bohemia for an beautiful Narnia Hike during our winter season.
Bohemia Adventures gets you a personalized itinerary, total flexibility and great value for money without the hassle of researching everything yourself. We know that adventures come in all shapes and sizes, so speak to one of our experts about a tailormade tour. We can create an activity holiday that fits you perfectly. you will receive a level of personalised service that will WOW you, we keep costs as low as we can without scrimping on activities or gear – no hidden extras. A huge range of activities – from hiking to kayaking, to cycling and mountain biking, to climbing, horse riding, multi-sport races, camping adventures and way more. Trip Advisor Prague has rated us FIVE STAR and our customers have valued us with some incredible feedback that keep us warm and positive.
We love all of our tours! If we really have to choose from one, we would recommend a tour called "The Best of two countries in One Day=Highlights of Bohemian ans Saxon Switzerland from Prague“. For more info, please visit This tour Link. This wonderful tour is probably our most popular one
Just simply dress for the weather forecast. Remember only, that it is often cooler and wetter up the Bohemian Switzerland hills so bring extra layer. We further recommend comfy pants suitable for outdoor activities and your camera. We will provide you with other necessary equipment if needed. We do have merchandise available to buy for our visitors. Please visit our shop page if you would like any of our high quality trekking products and we would keep them ready for collection when you come for your day tours.
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