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Beanie Hat Fits All

We already know what winter can do here in the Czech Republic. It’s getting pretty chilly outside. Snow is cold, rain is wet and luckily, we’ve updated our merch store with new bits of headwear to keep your precious pate protected from the elements.

Men´s Short Sleeved T-shirt

And so the adventure begins! Keep it classic yet stylish with this fabulously Bohemia Adventures. Inspired by all people exploring this great planet for personal growth, mission, adventure, or pure wanderlust. An ideal gift for yourself and your friends.


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Adventure Men´s Hoodie

Show off your love for adventure and say YES to new original Bohemia Adventure Hoodie. Is favorite in any wardrobe, made with our iconic Bohemia Adventures logo and a media pocket.

Bohemia Signature Snapback

Sun protection is no joke and these caps actually look pretty cool. Grab one to protect your head from the sun’s harmful rays this summer. The classic styling Bohemia Adventures Snapback Cap works perfectly for every day.

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Bohemia Adventures, Waterproof Drawstring Sport Bag Unisex, 2 Styles

Convenient and stylish, this Bohemia Adventures sackpacks are just what you need to bring home from Bohemian Switzerland NP!

Adventure tours in Czech Republic, Adventure with Bohemia Adventures
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Eco-friendly Camping Mug

This steel camper mug an original illustration showcasing a Bohemia Adventures. This retro camper mug is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys ADVENTURES and especially getting outside!

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Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Durable, lightweight and without the nasty aftertaste of many other bottles, the attractive water bottle with loop cap is a great companion on any adventure!

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