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Local Natural Products we Love “Gift Box”


Local Natural Products we Love “Gift Box”

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Treat yourself or be a hero to your friends and family. This memorable gift delivers the pride of supporting local business in the center of Bohemian Switzerland and quality that will impress. A versatile care package for any occasion, so why wait to stock up on Bohemian hand-crafted products?


Enjoying the assortment of locally made and sourced products from purveyors we love and trust. This gift box presents a unique array of some of Bohemian Switzerland’s most loved products. Box includes:

  • The highest quality and the best ground coffee Columbia Supremo from Bohemian Coffee House
  • Our favorite pure natural cider from only local apples, that is neither filtered nor pasteurized thanks amazing BBCidre family company
  • Homemade honey from the center of Bohemian Switzerland NP. It is the perfect everyday honey to keep in your pantry. We made it from wildflowers and clover in the center of Bohemian Switzerland NP. Mix with your tea, spread over fresh bread, or use it in your favorite baking dishes as a healthy sweetener.


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Includes a paper gift bag with Bohemia Adventures logo (18x8x25 cm)

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