Bohemian & Saxon Switzerland National Park

Bohemian & Saxon Switzerland National Park

It is a national park in the north-west of the Czech Republic and east of Germany  –  in Saxony, the landlocked federal state of Germany. It features astonishing sandstone rock formations that developed over millions of years. The beauty of the place above all lies in a combination of several natural phenomena – majestic rocks and rock cities, amazing lookouts, romantic valleys, wild ravines, deep forests, winding roads, caves, the curving Elbe river, clean rivers and brooks and unique flora and fauna. People living here for centuries have enriched the places with certain monuments and specific architecture like rock castles, historical monuments and vernacular buildings.

Nowadays, Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland is in the first place a region of tourism and relaxation offering services and facilities to please anybody coming here – from people seeking peace and quiet to real adrenaline lovers.

Why Is It Called “Switzerland”?

One might be a bit confused by the name expecting to get to Switzerland in the Alps. The connection seems to be less obvious here. In the second half of the 18th century, two Swiss painters came to this area and completely fell in love with it. As the landscape resembled their home, they started calling it “Switzerland”.  It is as simple as that.


How old is the Landscape of Bohemian National Park?

To cut the long story short, about 100 million years ago there was just a sea. Large rivers brought sand and some other debris into it and they accumulated at the bottom.

Later the sea subsided as a consequence of earthquakes and they created a massive sand structure helped by super-high temperatures.

This was followed by several ice periods resulting in several meltdowns.  Ice, water, wind, sunshine and dramatic changes in temperature and pressure consequently created a ravishing countryside full of amazing shapes.

What is the Historical Background of Bohemian and Saxon National Park?

Generally speaking, here it was about Slavs and Germans 😉

In the first millennium A.D., the region was settled by a few Slavonic tribes. In the 13th century, the area belonged to the Czech Kingdom. The Germans came to this area in the same century and there were a lot of clashes about the most important fortifications. As late as the 15th century the area on today´s German side came under the dominance of Saxony. The Czech side remained in the hands of the Czechs.

Tourism came here in the 19th century and since then Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland has been more and more popular.

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Explore Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland

You can visit this beautiful national park in many ways. You can take a train, bus or even bike from Prague (If you are into that). Or you can just get in touch with us. Life is about making time for the things you love. Let us take care of the hassle of organising the best adventure for you.

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Bohemian & Saxon Switzerland National Park