All You Need to Know about the Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland National Park

What is Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland? It is a national park in the north-west of the Czech Republic and east of Germany  –  in Saxony, the landlocked federal state of Germany. It features astonishing sandstone rock formations that developed over millions of years. The beauty of the place above all lies in a combination of several natural [...]
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Best activities for an adventure holiday in Bohemian & Saxon Switzerland

Challenge yourself to do some unforgettable experiences with your friends or family, while on your holidays in the Czech Republic.

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8 must see places in Bohemian & Saxon Switzerland National Park

If you are visiting Prague, there are also numerous day trips you can take around the city. Find out why charming Bohemian & Saxon Switzerland National Park is one of many fantastic all year round destinations easily reachable as a one day trip from Prague.

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