Best Tour for Bohemian National Park

I searched for tours in Southern Bohemia… some offered the gate and the bridge, or the gorge boat trip and the gate or bridge, but I couldn’t decide what to choose because I wanted to see them all! I thought all my Christmas wishes have come true at once when I found Bohemia Adventures, where you could see all three sites in one day, for a very similar cost to the other tours with two activities.
My luck got even better, my driver Thomas and guide Moris were not only really knowledgeable, they were super fun, accommodating and excellent photographers for your insta pics . My luck kept on improving when the four other people cancelled, highly likely due to having too good a time at the Prague breweries leaving me on a private tour. Moris was incredibly accommodating tailoring the tour to my tastes and we had a ball. The tour is a finely run machine, pick ups and drop offs were seamless allowing you to really maximize your day without feeling rushed or that you were missing anything. And the traditional lunch was delicious too. I cant recommend this tour highly enough and am so glad I didnt have to choose to only do two of the options because each experience was as magical as each other. Do yourself a favour and book this tour, your insta will thank you for it!