Love Travel? Travel the world with us. We are passionate about travelling and see planet earth as our home.  We are starting this section to share our travel stories around the world.  This section is very important to us as its an attempt to share our personal stories. Its an attempt to share our emotions with our customers ( or we would prefer to say friend’s we haven’t met yet) See the places from our eyes and explore more !!!!

This section is not for Typical travel blogs like TOP 10 things to do….. this is our personal recommendations of the places we love to go and things we love to do..

We will leave our introduction part to a later blog to share our story and adventure.. we are Bohemia Adventures and we love to explore more..

Founding of Bohemia Adventures – Wondering what’s our story?

Who are we? And how has it all started? Find more and read a catchy story about founding Bohemia Adventures and its owner.