With Bohemia Adventures you get a personalized itinerary, total flexibility and great value for money without the hassle of researching everything yourself.

We know that adventures come in all shapes and sizes, so speak to one of our experts about a tailormade tour. We can create an activity holiday that fits you perfectly.

Here’s what you get from Bohemia Adventure One-day & Multi-day trips

  • You will receive a level of personalised service that will WOOOW you
  • Value for money – we keep costs as low as we can without scrimping on activities or gear – no hidden extras
  • A huge range of activities – from hiking to kayaking, to cycling and mountain biking, to climbing, horse riding, multi-sport races, camping adventures and way more
  • Small Eco Group – with a maximum 8 people on our daily tour, it feels more like your traveling with friends than being on an organised tour.
  • Our small group adventures are made up of singles, couples, families with kids and friends from all around the world.
  • Less time researching, making bookings and follow-ups – more time for adventures
  • The best of both worlds – benefit from our expertise but choose whether to travel with or without a tour guide
  • Choose your own adventure or book one of our current day trips


Your transport is also an important part of your holiday experience and we offer a wide variety of transport options depending on the destination and size of your group.


We can book anything from a 3* hotel to a 5* boutique lodge. We specialise in providing locally owned accommodation but can also book a specific hotel.


We believe that experiencing the local food is one of the best ways to really get to know a region. That’s why we can tailor your trip around dietary requirements.


With our personal knowledge of our country, we are able to secure the best possible activities. On our tailor-made tours, we aim to provide a service value that is hard to match.